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Monday, August 31, 2015

What would change if you won the lottery?

Like millions of others, I play the lottery every week. I have a set of numbers memorized which makes it sort of necessary to play. Suppose I don’t play one week and my numbers come up … I would pull out my last hair.

Like so many others I often fantasize what I would do if I hit the jackpot: move to a nicer neighborhood, drive an exotic car, go shopping for clothes, shoes, and jewelry, donate to the local animal shelter and help a few of my friends.

Beyond that, I don’t actually have a clue what I would do with millions of dollars. Do you? Having no money brings problems, but having tons of money would no doubt bring problems too.

To find out a little more about a lucky winner I recently read “Lottery” by Anita Burgh.

Peggy, the main character wins the jackpot and as a result, her life, that of her husband and three children dramatically changes.

While the book was a nice enough read, the alcohol consumption of the main character bothered me to no end. I lost count of the amount of gin this woman guzzled. Gin and tonic in the morning, for lunch, at dinner, and while watching TV. Forget glasses, this woman went through bottles and bottles of the stuff, interspersed with red and white wine and brandy.

She drank when she was happy, she drank when she was sad, she drank alone and she drank in company. I got the feeling that whenever the writer didn’t know what to do with her character, she had her reach for the bottle.

Admittedly, her life was not without problems. Her husband hooked up with her best friend, her children treated her as their own personal piggy bank and friends and neighbors suddenly gave her the cold shoulder. Still, is that any reason to start downing gin and tonics?

Every person with a bit of common sense knows that alcohol doesn’t solve any problems, if anything, it creates more of them.

Fortunately, this is not the first book I’ve read from Anita Burgh. If it was, I might not go for a second.

Has the book altered my enthusiasm for winning the lottery … not at all. 

There’s no chance of a cheating husband as I’m divorced and will never marry again (not if you held a knife to my throat).

There would be no children fighting over financial favoritism as I only have one child and he would share in my good fortune.

Friends would most definitely not turn their backs on me, as I would pay them a visit and present them with a nice check.

And if neighbors were to give me the cold shoulder … who cares, I would soon have new neighbors. 

Neither would I become a drunken lush as I don’t drink at all.

So, next Friday I’m going to play my numbers as usual, keep my fingers crossed, expect the worst but hope for the best.

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