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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fun ideas for Father's Day

Ever since Sonora Smart Dodd came up with the idea of Father’s Day in 1909, children have celebrated their father in a variety of ways.  Store-bought or home-made cards are popular along with a gift that matches his hobbies or interests.  Too often, the best gift that fathers value the most is overlooked—spending time with their children.  If you want to do something special for your father this year, following are some fun ideas for Father’s Day.

Play some games

Whether you play tennis on the Wii®, bowling on Playstation® or prefer a good old fashion board game such as Monopoly® or Scrabble®, you’re bound to have fun.  If your dad is not familiar with any of these games, maybe it’s time to introduce him or let him introduce you to the games of his childhood.

Get out into the sunshine for a little one on one on the basketball or tennis court, or involve the rest of the family for a game of volley ball or badminton.  The fresh air will do the family good, and you may get to see a competitive side of your dad you’ve never seen before. 

In case it’s too windy or rainy on Father’s Day, go bowling instead.  If you’re both experienced bowlers, turn the game into a fun, mini competition.  If you’ve never played before, prepare to laugh yourself silly.

Alternatively, you can attend a ball game, visit the racetrack or some other sporting event.  Whether you’re watching relaxed in your seat, or you both spend half the time on your feet screaming, you’re bound to remember this special time together for years to come. 

Tackle chores together

You’d be surprised how much fun washing the car together can be.  Going to the car wash is quick and easy, but tackling the job together with dad in his driveway makes for great bonding time. Just be sure to approach the task “his way” without any arguments. After the washing and polishing is done, take your dad on a car trip for lunch or just for a scenic spin to his favorite spot.

Join him by the barbeque

If your dad is like many men, they enjoy cooking anything over a barbeque.  On Father’s Day, give him the day off from the chore, but do make sure he’s with you to offer his best tips and tricks.  While you wait for the meat to sizzle, talk to your dad about whatever comes to mind.  Fathers are full of knowledge and are usually eager to share their experiences with their children.

Go shopping with him

Even though some men hate shopping for clothes and household items, the mention of a trip to the hardware store may be enough for him to reach for his car keys.  Whether he’s crazy about power tools, automotive items or home improvement ideas, the prospect of spending time among his favorite “toys” is sure to put a big smile on his face.

Spend some quiet time

After a fun filled Father’s Day, finish off the day with some quiet time at home.  Let dad pick a television show or movie, pop a big bowl of popcorn and watch something together.  Even though the show may not be your cup of tea, remember how many times your dad was a good sport and sat through your suggestions.

It doesn’t matter how you interpret fun ideas for Father’s Day.  The point is to spend quality time together.  Work and play together for a change instead of going in separate directions.  In the process you might begin a tradition that you both want to continue every year.

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