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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Doorman wanted

With the rise of temperatures, I decided to let the cats out. The poor things have been cooped up since November and were in desperate need of some fresh air.

As soon as Holly heard the balcony door opening, she came charging through the living room and went nose first into the screen door. Apparently she’d forgotten that in addition to a glass door, the balcony has a screen door with netting.

Holly was followed by Mickey, Gabriel, Chanel and Charlotte. That Charlotte went out came as a bit of a surprise to me, because in general Charlotte is not a fan of the great outdoors.

Having the balcony door open felt a little chilly for me though, so I closed it. No sooner was the door closed or the door games started.

Mickey wanted to come in.
Gabriel wanted to come in.
Mickey wanted to go out.
Chanel wanted to come in.
Mickey wanted to come in.
Charlotte wanted to come in.
Mickey wanted to go out.

While the cats went in and out, and in and out, it was up and down and up and down for me. Every time I sat down, someone wanted to come in or go out. These cats needed a doorman.

After a while I decided to ignore Chanel, who would sit by the door, waiting to go out yet again. When I remained seated, she turned with bedroom eyes and a look that said … “Pleeeeeeeease.” Oh alright them, and I was up again.

Ignoring Mickey, who wanted to come in wasn’t possible either. If I took too long getting up, he would meow as if to say … “Hurry up already!”

All things considered, Gabriel was the least trouble. He was happy to sit by the door and sniff the fresh air. 

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