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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Voice

Those who have been watching “The Voice” know that there were only two serious contestants this year: Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte.


Trevin Hunte loses the hunt for top spot on The Voice

When Amanda was votes off, the show lost some of its lustre, when Trevin was voted off this week, the show all but died.

It comes as no surprise of course … the really talented never make it to the finish line.  Whether it’s “The Voice” – “American Idol” or “X Factor”, the really good singers are voted off and the rubbish gets to stay.

Let’s have a look at the finalists of “The Voice”:

There’s Nicolas David, a nice enough guy, but not star material.  With his long hair, long beard and weird sense of fashion, he’s a child of the 60s and it shows.

Terry McDermot isn’t bad.  He’s got a good voice and nice stage presence, but he’s ordinary.  Guys like Terry are thirteen in a dozen.

Finally there Cassadee Pope.  When I first saw this girl on stage, I found her quite bothersome.  There was something about her that was both familiar and off-putting.  It didn’t take long for me to figure it out … she was an Avril Lavigne wannabee.  The way she sang, the way she moved, even the way she tossed her hair, it’s was clear she had been studying Avril Levine and copied everything she did.


So who is going to win “The Voice”?  My guess is, Cassadee Pope.  Nicolas David is too old and Terry McDermot is too ordinary, that leaves only Cassadee as a real chancer.  I guess copying a star pays off.

I wonder what the judges think of America voting for their favorites.  I imagine they must be shaking their head in wonder and thinking … “What are you all doing!”

As I said, Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte were the only really good singers.  Good being the obvious understatement, they were excellent, captivating, mesmerizing.  Watching them and hearing them sing was sheer joy. 

Then again, you don’t have to win to become famous.  Look at those who were voted off “American Idol”.

Jennifer Hudson went on to become a successful singer and actress with an Oscar to her name.

Chris Daughtry made his mark on the music industry.

Adam Lambert made a splash and seems to be going strong.

As for X-Factor … who can forget Susan Boyle?  She didn’t win, but look at her now, touring the world.

As for the winners of X-Factor, American Idol and The Voice, where are they now?  Has anyone seen or heard of them.

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