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Friday, May 18, 2012

The price of gas

Moaning and groaning about the high gas prices seems to have become a national sport. I wish I could join you in those complaints, but the sad truth is … I don’t have a car.

While you’re searching for your car keys, I’m looking for my train/bus pass. While you’re heading for the garage, I’m walking to the station.

When the sun is out and the sky is blue, such a walk is a pleasure. I see of bit of nature, I hear the birds singing, and those I pass along the way smile or give a cheerful hello.

That cheerfulness will soon change. With the coming of summer, some people will curse yet another sunny day, when the sun is scorching everything below and it will be too hot to breathe. Tempers will flare, bodies will perspire, causing an unpleasant odor in trains and busses. When we see cars pass us by, we are envious of those keeping in cool in air-conditioned pockets.

After the heat of summer the rain of the fall will come. Commuters everywhere will dash across the street, getting wet from head to toe despite their best efforts. Don’t expect a friendly word from them then, they’re too busy squeezing the water from their hair and tipping it out of their shoes. Once again we look at the cars that go by and envy those who are so nice and dry.

And then winter comes, when all commuters – despite being wrapped up in layers of clothing - are freezing. Our bodies may be fine, but our ears, noses, hands and feet are suffering. We shiver while walking, we hug our bodies while waiting for the train, we turn into near popsicles while waiting for the bus. We see cars go by where the driver and passengers wear barely more than a sweater and seem so comfortable.

I feel so sorry for you sitting comfortable in your nice car, while I’m squeezed between two fatties and have to listen to some woman telling her friend all about her baby’s disgusting food habits and some guy pulling up his nose over and over again.

I feel sorry that you have to pay so much for gas for your car. The car you never have to wait for. The car that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. The car where you can enjoy solitude and privacy.

Yeah I feel so sorry for you.

Instead of bitching and whining about the gas price, think how lucky you are to have a car. If you don’t like paying the gas price, here’s a thought … TAKE THE BUS!!!

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