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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Toronto Cat Rescue Bowl-a-ton

Eight years ago, the Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) hosted its first Bowl-a-ton to raise money for the city’s abandoned cats.  A few people showed up, all of them having done their very best to get some donations here and there.
Over the years the event became more popular and grew in size.   Cat lovers from all over the city put their best “paw” forward to raise money and did so very successfully.  Thousands of dollars came pouring in, providing much needed food and money for vet bills.

The Toronto Cat Rescue is an organization with a difference.  Rather than being a shelter for cats, TCR comprises of a number of private homes.  No cat is turned down, no cat is put down.  They receive love and attention while prospective adoption homes are carefully examined.

On Saturday, May 26th it will be that time again.  After weeks of active fundraising, cat lovers will troop to Playtime bowling alley to hand over what they collected, bowl and exchange stories.  No need to wonder what they will be talking about … cats, cats and more cats.

I never grow tired of telling folks about how I adopted Chanel.  I was scared of going to a cat shelter, seeing so many cats who needed a home and only be able to help one.  How would I choose?
As it turned out my choice was easy … I went for the scruffiest kitten in the place.  The one who had the least change of being adopted.  Today, twelve years later, Chanel has grown into a beautiful cat, with a unique personality.  

I can only hope that more people will adopt shelter cats and give the pet a loving home.  In the meantime, I hope that our upcoming Bowl-a-ton will be as successful as it was last year. 

If you can spare a few dollars, please contact me at  Donations over $20 receive a tax receipt upon request. 

I will donate … will you?

In the meantime, if you’re thinking of adopting but are not quite sure, the following might help you in your decision:

A cat's cry for help.

Please don't turn your back on me
Look into my eyes
How can you walk away?
And not listen to my cries

This shelter is noisy and crowded
So far away from home
Doesn't anybody want me?
I'm scared and all alone

Locked in a cage, I'm waiting
Will someone come in time?
Please, please help me!
Or a needle might end this life of mine

So many kittens, so many cats
All waiting for someone to say
"Come here cute pussycat."
I want to take you away

But will that pussycat be loved?
Or suffer a fate worse than death
Will it beg for mercy?
With his last dying breath

It doesn't have to be that way
It's all up to you
There can be an end to this suffering
Depending on what you do

Be responsible, and care
Spay or neuter your pet
Sooner rather than later
Make an appointment with the vet!

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