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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mirror mirror on the wall

Yesterday I read a blog entry by Kate Slawinski entitled “What women over 50 should never wear”

With this information fresh in mind, I thought of Kate as I boarded a subway train today and came face to face with a rather disturbing image ... a very overweight, heavily pregnant woman, dressed in a super tight strapless top and minuscule shorts.  A pretty sight it was not.

Apparently times have changed and pregnant women no longer try to hide their swollen belly.  While there is nothing wrong with pregnancy, there is a big difference between no longer hiding the obvious and putting it out there.  What is wrong with a tasteful maternity outfit? 

The huge belly aside, the strapless top on the overweight woman wasn’t the best choice either.  Not only were her double D boobs a jigglie mess trying to escape their confinement, she would have done well covering up her overly fleshy chest, shoulders and arms.

As for the minuscule shorts ... did we really need to see her huge thighs, dimpled with cellulite? 

I have nothing against overweight people, but I do have something against people who throw on anything and venture outside.  Can’t they see how objectionable their outfit is?

In comparison, a far larger woman was also on the train, but she wore a pretty outfit with a modest V-neck, short sleeves and a hemline below her knees.  She looked stunning.

Short or tall, slim or overweight, pregnant or not, get a mirror!!!


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