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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Bitch

I do not consider myself a violent person, but today I would have happily grabbed someone by the scruff of her neck, dragged her outside and thrown her a beating she would have remembered for the rest of her life.

Remember the protest badge:

This is not a Canada Goose jacket
For I am not an animal killer
Say no to fur

I met a women today who was reading the badge and when she was finished shrugged a made a face.
“Don’t you agree?” I asked her.
“I don’t really care,” she stated.
“You don’t care that helpless animals get trapped and killed?” I said.
“No,” she said with a shrug.
“In that case I hope one day your leg gets stuck in a trap so you’ll feel what it’s like,” I said. 
“Not all animals get trapped,” she stated.  “Some are raised and killed for fur.”
My mouth fell open right down to my toes.
“You are in favor of fur?” I asked her.
“Of course,” she said, “real fur is much better for the environment than fake fur.”

Better for the environment!
I had one hell of a job keeping my hands to myself, because all I wanted to do was smack that bitch into the middle of next week.
I wasn’t done with her though.
Once we were in the elevator I stated that I couldn’t wait for the day that animals turned the tables on humans and started hunting them for their skin.
“That will never happen,” the bitch stated.

Hm, that will never happen hu ...
When my grandmother first heard of the concept of voices coming out of a box, she said that that would never happen.  But it did happen and they called it a radio.
Later when someone stated that someone should add moving pictures to the voices, my grandmother once again said that that would never happen.  But it did happen and they called it a TV.
How many more things did people claim would never happen?  Did the inventors of the airplane ever foresee that their invention would carry over 500 people over the Atlantic ocean?  Did those who poured gunpowder in their muskets ever foresee a type of gun that could fire several hundred round per minute?  Did the inventor of the looking glass ever foresee that we would be able to see other galaxies?
Never be too sure about what the future might or might not hold.

I sincerely hope that the bitch, one way or another, gets a taste of her own medicine.  
Remember the movie ‘Powder’ with Johnny Depp in the title role?  When a hunter shot a deer, Johnny grabbed the hunter and placed his hand on the deer, making him feel what the deer was feeling. 
I wish I could do that to every hunter who hunts for fur and everyone who wears fur.  Make them feel the pain.
I wish the bitch will feel the pain one day, one way or another. 
Will I feel sorry for her?  What do you think?

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